Argument Was About to Brew About Tomorrow

KH was telling me she was wearing green for tomorrow’s St. Patrick’s Day because she was Irish. I thought that was pretty cool until she asked me if I was going to wear green tomorrow and I told her I was not going to wear green myself. She told me I should wear green to honor St. Patrick’s Day, and I told her I was not going to wear green tomorrow at all but stay in my comfy clothes all day today and tomorrow – pajamas since I was not going to go anywhere today or tomorrow at all. KH was insistent that I wear green tomorrow and I kept telling her I wasn’t, and her persistence of me wearing green tomorrow was making me feel uncomfortable and I wanted to smack a very good smack across the face even though I never would hit her or anyone. My voice was beginning to tell her to back off and finally she let it go that I was not going to wear green tomorrow for St. Patrick’s Day but it was an argument about to happen.

I am not wearing green tomorrow but will still honor the day another way. KH can celebrate the day tomorrow wearing green – it does not bother me at all – Irish in her bloodline or not – but her saying that I wear green tomorrow is not
okay. NO ONE TELLS ME WHAT TO DO WHEN I DO NOT WANT TO DO SOMETHING! I am my own person and I am proud to be the person I am. Enough said about this argument that almost happened. I have other things to worry about right now anyway.

More Thinking

I am still thinking about not having CSE over today and it is inclining more towards having the day for Bing Crosby the cat and myself all day today. It is not that I do not want CSE over today or anything …. I need a day to myself today. So far I have not even heard from CSE yet today and if I do not hear from her, I am all for it and okay with the idea. I am watching Scooby Doo and the Boo Brothers right now with Shaggy, Scooby Doo, and Scrappy Doo and enjoying the cartoon very much so. It is going to be a quiet afternoon for me and if any phone calls come in, I will answer to only important calls all day. Today is going to be my day with Bing Crosby the cat nearby. I am going to have a lazy-like day all day long. I might have CSE over tomorrow for a while tomorrow but again may not. I am only worried about today at the moment anyway.


I will be back later. Good bye for now.

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