CSE Was Asked To Come Down Tonight

I had called CSE to see if she would be able to come down and help me around 530 pm because my legs decided to get tired a little bit earlier than expected this afternoon. She came down to help me with dishes, cook my supper, and make sure Bing Crosby the cat had fresh water for the night hours of sleep, and that his litter box was clean of his potties and poo jobs before nightfall. I usually make sure that Bing has fresh water in the morning and for the night, and take care of his litter box, but this evening I was having a little bit of difficulty. I get frustrated at times like this.

Time To Say Good Night and God Bless

Even though the night is still somewhat young, I am going to log off and come back tomorrow sometime. It has been one heck of a lazy day but every minute was worth it. I did have breakfast, had my shower, got in comfortable clothes, had lunch, and checked all my emails, played games on facebook, did some reading, writing, and had supper. Now, it is time for me to head off for the night and come back tomorrow.

Good night and God bless!

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