March 16

1113 AM

I will be having my shower sometime between 1130 – 12 noon today. KH will, unless she forgets, call me to let me know when she will be on her way. I have been up since a little after 8 am this morning and took time for myself , got some breakfast, and have been waiting patiently for time to pass – not working, lol – but it is going by a little bit too slow, lol.


At the moment, waiting for my shower time, I am not sure what I want to do today. I do know that today and tomorrow I am planning on not going anywhere. I am planning on staying home today and tomorrow and be in comfortable clothes until Friday morning when I have my next shower day, which will be Friday morning at 930 am. I have been busy and on the go the past three days that today and tomorrow I will not be on the go as much – wanting to be lazy and comfortable, and do some reading, writing, be on Facebook, have time for Bing Crosby the cat, watch TV, and just be lazy the next couple of days. KH called to let me know she is on her way to help me with my shower so I really do not have a whole lot of time now until after my shower and I am dressed for the day. I am not sure if I want CSE over today. I think I am going to have the next couple of days to myself and Bing Crosby the cat. My next busy day is Friday. I will another shower day, going grocery shopping, meal preparation day, and I do have a doctor’s appointment at 230 pm this Friday. Went gallabatting around Sunday, Monday, had my shower on Monday, a meeting on Monday, and had company until late at night all weekend long, and yesterday was my cleaning day and had CSE down for a couple of hours at least before I went to bed at 11 pm. I NEED time for myself too I guess. It won’t hurt anyway. Yes, I hate being lonely and alone at times, but there are days wanting to be alone does occur in my world as well I guess. I am only human.

I will come back later. KH will be here real soon. Good bye for now everyone. I will be back later this afternoon after KH leaves.

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