Today Is Going To Be A Very Busy Day

March 18

Today is going to be a very busy day for me. I just had my shower and gotten dressed for the day. Today is my grocery shopping day as well as my food preparation day but I do not think we will have a whole lot of time to do the food prep today because I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon at 230 pm. Yep, I will be seeing Dr. H today! I will be getting my labs drawn for the month for Madison, weigh in, and a blood pressure check, and have my monthly meeting with Dr. H. J is taking me to my appointment but MM will meet us there. I am not sure how long I am actually be out and about today after 230 pm but I will be glad to see home once I get done with my appointment.

After Appointment

MM had an emergency this afternoon so J took me to me to see Dr. H and bring me back home after she ran to the office to take care of some very important business. I did not get home until after 330 pm this afternoon but I did not get as tired as I thought I was going to be.

I still did not have CSE down tonight after I got back home. She did try calling me and then knocked at my door. I did not answer the phone and when she knocked at my door, I told her I was not able to get to the door as I just sat down after running to the bathroom and just sat down. I was not too impressed with her urgency but I did leave a message for her to call me back and I had found out that she was checking on me and NMS because she saw a fire truck or ambulance in the driveway of the apartment complex. After that, CSE and I hung up our phones and I resumed the rest of the night without any company. I am spending the rest of the evening with no one but myself and my cat Bing Crosby. Not sure if I am going to have company tomorrow either. I am enjoying my space as my own and not sharing it with anyone but a male feline kitty named Bing Crosby. I am enjoying the peace and quiet all around me for once.

My Appointment

Before I forget, I ought to share, that my appointment with Dr. H went very well and she addressed what she wanted and I was able to ask questions, and ALL of my questions were answered before I left. I had my labs drawn before I got into a room to see Dr. H and when transporting to a room, I was weighed in and I found that I am now at 214.5 lbs and my blood pressure read 130/84 as well, and pulse was 104. Impressive in my way of thinking given that I felt I gained ALL of my 8 lbs back and then some, my blood pressure was not alarming neither the nurse of the doctor, and my pulse was fine given that I had just walked in the room and sat down after walking. I do not like to have my weight checked but with Dr. H I do not mind at all like I used to before meeting Dr. H in January. So, my appointment went very well and I do have to admit that I am a tad bit curious.

Good Night and God Bless

I am getting tired and want to lay down and get ready for bed.

Good night…

God bless…

I will be back sometime tomorrow.


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