My Monday

March 28

Venting Again!!!

I feel I have been venting a lot lately about people being fashionably late and constantly having excuses as to why they are late. I won’t have my shower until 1130 – 12 noon this afternoon, which hinders the idea of making any plans with anyone or with myself until after my shower and KH leaves for the day. I enjoy having showers between 930 – 10 am in the morning because then it leaves most of the day to make plans and get away from the building for a while whereas at having a shower around the noon hour does not seem too acceptable to me at all. I hate it and I have not really complained yet and afraid to because I know how KH is. She can get nasty at times. I cannot wait until I leave this shower company and become a client for another – I hope it is better. Having showers three days a week for me is not working anymore and this shower company will not budge on helping with showers four to five days a week or even every day. I feel they do not really care for their clients as they say they do. I do not think they have that many shower people working for this company, either, but I can be wrong. KH to get here and that she is always fashionably late. I cannot wait until she does not come here anymore.

My Morning

I got up at 737 am this morning to the Perils of Penelope Pitstop once again this morning. Decided to get up and going for my day at that hour so I can have some time before KH gets here to help me with my shower around 12 noon … 1130 – 12 noon. Before KH gets here, I want to get on facebook to play games, do some posting, reading of messages if I have any, begin my journaling, do some reading, and watch some TV. I do not want my day to go to waste totally even though having my showers later in the day does hinder my chances of making any plans until later in the afternoon on Mondays and Wednesdays excluding appointments that are made on those days and that is very frustrating. I want to enjoy my showers and get clean and not hop in and out – today is one of those days I will enjoy my shower for once – today anyway. I can usually tune KH out when she talks nonstop or repeats herself all the time.

I have no major plans today. The weather is chilly and unseasonably cold at this time – as of winter has not left yet even though Spring’s 1st day was March 21st. I am tired of the cold weather, too. I have a “Spring” cold right now and it is driving me crazy. I did call the doctor’s office a little bit ago and asked for the nurse to give me a call today to talk to them on what I should do for this cold or be put on something for a sinus infection. Even though I am feeling okay for the most part, I am still functioning and not canceling appointments left and right now-a-days like I once did because I used to cancel appointments and did not want no one around me at one point. Being able to function today is an awesome feeling. Once the weather warms up, I am going to enjoy the weather outdoors and get out more. I am not sure if this week the weather will finally warm up but we shall see. I have heard, rumors actually, that it is supposed to warm up by Thursday of this week but that could be a rumor as I have said. We shall see. It would be nice to have warm, Springtime weather, that’s for sure.
Anyway, until KH gets here, I am watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent shows, cartoons, journaling, writing, and reading. It will be 10 am in a few minutes and then before long, my shower will be taking place, and then I will wait, as patient as possible, for the nurse to call me back, and MM is supposed to call me this afternoon as well. I am not sure if I am dealing with a Springtime cold or have a sinus infection/upper respiratory issue going on. I wish people in this building, when they are sick, would stay in their apartments before coming out and getting other tenants sick as well. So, I have no major plans today at the moment. Either way, I am going to find relief yet!!!

Weekend Update

I did go to church on Saturday in Monroe, Wisconsin with a couple of good, dear friends of mine. Papa Mick just turned 80 years old several days ago and his wife, Mama Char is in her late 70’s now. The Monroe Church celebrated their 10 year this weekend = a Seventh-day Adventist church – and I remember being a special part of the building of the church – the people, the seminar meetings, and seeing people come and go. This weekend I saw a few people I recognized immediately and one of them is GB. The moment I saw her, I had this smile on my face that just went from ear to ear and would not stop smiling, lol. Her name is Gerrie. She is one of the most wonderful people in the world who has been an Adventist for the past ten years when the church was formed. Seeing her on Saturday was awesome.

The Rest of My Day

When KH left I left to go to Walgreens…I did get a call back from my doctor’s nurse and she suggested that I get two over the counter medicines – Mucinex (sp?) and Coricidin for my symptoms. The doctor does not believe that I have an upper respiratory/sinus infection at this time – only the common cold. I am supposed to call by Friday if I am not feeling any better. After taking two doses of both medications, I do have to admit that I am beginning to feeling better. YAY!

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