My Friday

remembering that last weekend was “My Weekend”, I am glad Friday is here. I have had my shower this morning, got dressed for the day, went grocery shopping this afternoon and had my food preparation. As of Tuesday, May 31, 2011, food prep is going to be moved to Tuesdays so my Fridays are not so long and I get too tired going grocery shopping and having food prep. My IDS worker is looking out for me and I do have my feeling about not having food prep on Fridays but I do believe that it would be best to have my Friday afternoons free after grocery shopping so I have the energy to go to church on Saturdays and/or Sundays.

Today, after food prep, I ate supper of turnip greens, hamburger patties, and one hard boiled egg. It was delicious and I do like turnip greens! For some reason they remind me a little of spinach – my opinion – and I really enjoyed my supper. I watched TV and did some writing, and then CSE came over for the rest of the night.

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