Speaking My Thoughts To CSE

After getting home from the doctor/urgent care I called CSE and talked to her briefly. I told her how I felt about her always respecting my things in my apartment and how she does not respect her things in my apartment, and she understood why I would get upset easily. I told her that she always respects my things in my apartment and that because this is my home, she needs to respect her things in my apartment as well – meaning that she needs to stop beating on her laptop and mouse and respect her things from now on. I told her that I was not happy last night when she first came down and I was holding my tongue from speaking anything harsh to her. I told her that my tone of voice is a warning that I am not happy if I sound upset and it is before I begin holding my tongue before speaking my mind. She seemed to understand my feelings and said she will work on her behavior in my apartment. I hope she understands.

Author: ksmiley

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