My Evening

I did decide not to have CSE down at all tonight to watch any of the movies we were planning on watching this afternoon. The final decision was made around the dinner hour. CSE and I talked via text on our cell phones and we apologized to one another and we accepted one another’s apology. She also told me that she does believe in God and that He is a loving God, and that she has been feeling abandoned by Him and her family. I texted her back and told her that God did not abandon her. I also told her that I will not talk to her about religion anymore…not that I did before…but we have talked about God openly before. I told her that I felt her saying what she said about there not being Christianity and that there is no God upset me very much so to the point of my blowing up at her. So I took the rest of the afternoon and evening alone here in my home with my laptop, Facebook games, TV, and IPod. The other day I had found Sudoku for IPod and downloaded it and played it for a very long time finally figuring how the game actually works and runs. Earlier today I had learned that there is a game for the IPod called Farkle – a game My evenin I definitely addicted to online – and downloaded it as well. Tonight I found some math and algebra apps to download. I believe my IPod Touch has been used a lot in the past couple of days. My evening is okay but I do believe my day could have been better and I definitely could have handled the situation with CSE tons better than how I handled it. AARRGG! Neither CSE or I are going to bed angry and upset. I will see her again later – Wednesday if possible.

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