In Loving Memory Of Emilee Marie Cuddles

My first cat, since I have been on my own, is now a vivid memory of mine forever as long as I remember in my right mind. Emilee passed away on November 14, 2006 at the age of 16 1/2 yrs of age and I had her since she was 8 wks old to her death. She was my first fur baby and I loved her so very much. Today, since her death and cremation, I have her ashes in a beautiful container and where she will remain in my life forever and ever. Today, on June 2 in 1990 she was adopted from our animal shelter and given a chance to live and be the happiest cat in the world. She was a very happy cat. She was loved, appreciated, and a very good watch cat – seriously. She did not like men too much except for two – my mom’s husband and a now former neighbor. Emilee Marie Cuddles is a missed, yes, and I have loved her dearly, but now only memories of our 16 1/2 years of life together remain steadfast and now I have Bing Noel-Nuggles Crosby Karnopp who I also love dearly who is now 6 yrs old this very much.

RIP Emilee Marie Cuddles. Mommy always loved you! I do miss you very much. Now you have a little brother named Bing Crosby the cat and he looks up at your container of ashes in loving memory to you so I know you two have a connection between one another. You and Bing Crosby the cat are two special kitties of my life and world where you remain steadfast and forever in my heart, soul, and mind. God bless you Emilee!

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