My Week This Week…

I am so glad that the week is just about over because this has been one hectic week for me for some reason. With Memorial Day being on Monday, I do have to admit that my week was a little helter skelter for some reason – things were a little bit off emotionally and physically. I had my showers this week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I went to Wal-Mart on Wednesday and will be going to Pick-N-Save tomorrow, and … my schedule being a little off this week threw me for a little loop… an emotional loop that is but despite the change this week, I was able to function and give my all to the week. Yes, I was a tad bit touchy and growly at times but I was able to function. Some holidays, that are observed like Memorial Day, Martin Luther King Day can throw me off sometimes. This week was one of those holiday observances that did throw me off a bit – slightly to the point of changing my moods a bit. Even the argument with my friend CSE really threw me off as well. Not sure yet to this very day if I will be able to trust her for a while – she will have to gain her trust with me all over again. I will see about her coming down to my house tomorrow night if I can handle it. When I saw her on Tuesday afternoon I was uncomfortable, yes, but I believe it was because our argument was still raw and in my heart fresh as ice.

Once tomorrow comes… I am looking forward to the weekend whether I go to church on Saturday or Sunday or both days or not. I am going to take advantage of the weekend and allow what comes come into play. I hope that next week is not an off week like this one at all. I need to recover from this week yet.

I will be back tomorrow.

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