My World Today

My world today was very quiet and low-key ALL day long. I had made some very important phone calls today. I had even gotten a call from my caseworker from Catholic Charities, TG. As TG and I talked this afternoon, I told her all about my anxiety/panic attack and what happened and despite the “attack” I was able to function for the most part. TG and I both, on the same page, agreed that I was able to get through the anxiety/panic attack and the week was not all horrible. Two years ago I can not say that I was able to function and move on with my life because I could not function two years ago very well. It took me a long time get through such a horrible anxiety/panic attack. After talking to TG, we hung up and I made another call.

Sometimes I Do Wonder About Some People These Days!

I believe that JSL – my BFF today and always – was trying to pick yet another fight with me this morning. She did not like what I had commented on her post this morning for some reason and texted me to tell me about it. She told me that she does not repeat herself over and over again about things and that is why she has not been commenting on my posts lately. How rude and nasty. A few days ago I had found a comment, that should have been sent to me in a private message, telling me to stop tagging her in things. Well, okay, “bitch” is what I thought exactly about the situation. But you could have told me privately. I saw the post and deleted it immediately before any of my other FB friends saw the post and wondered who JSL was and why she was acting such like a ‘bitch’ publicly. When she had texted me this morning about a comment on
one of her posts today, I found myself thinking again…here we go again ‘bitch’. What I say on FB is my business and she should not be telling me what to say or do. Se even told another friend of ours, who got married Saturday, not to be online on FB, and that JSL said to her she was going to ignore her if she was on FB. JSL even texted me one day to ignore our friend on FB as well. I told her that our friend chooses to be on FB because she wants to and let it be. I have been noticing lately that JSL rarely follows her own advice about doing certain things and so she does not practice what she preaches to others – a side of her that many people find JSL rebellious and a royal bitch.


With my anxiety being questioned for a few minutes after what happened between me and JSL, I do have to admit that I did not get the understanding from CSE I expected. CSE really irritated me when I told her what happened – she was defending JSL and her action toward me about FB. Boy… I was pissed at CSE by the time she had left. I was soooooooooooooooo glad that I did not see CSE anymore that day until after 9 pm.

The Rest of My Day

Today was a very lazy day for me. I did nothing but watch TV – Live and recorded programming ALL day. I felt somewhat numb throughout the day after the small anxiety attack passed.

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