Thank Goodness! I Am Glad It Is Friday!

As my day started, I realized that I am soooooo glad that today is Friday. I am glad the weekend has finally arrived. I had my shower this morning around 830 am this morning because, unknown to me and KH, the nurse came today for my 60 day check up with the company I get my shower help from. KH did not even know she was going to be having a supervisory visit nor did I even get a call from the visiting nurse or the company itself that I was going to have a nurse come today. Anyway… my blood pressure was checked and it was 112/78 this morning and my temperature was 98.8. I could not ask for more especially when I had gotten up five times since the nurse had arrived and usually things show it in my pulse and stuff but not today. I was pretty calm this morning. Anyway… I really like Diane comparing to not liking Kim as much. I really do not care for Kim but she was off for a while because of knee surgery. Anyway, KH was late again, lol, and before KH got here, I told Diane that KH is always late and has been lately, and Diane said she will talk to KH about her lateness because it is not fair to me that KH is always late and she should be on time especially now that I have had my hours changed from 1130 – 12 noon on Mondays and Wednesdays, and 930 – 10 am on Fridays to 8 am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from now on because I have a job lined up now starting July. I HAD to do something about KH’s lateness now. I have had it with her being late. Before she left today, I had been told that I will not see her on Monday this coming week which will give me a well deserved break from her. I get my favorite LJB Monday and I have not seen her in a very ver long time – since Christmas time that is. YAY!


I am glad today is Friday. With my day almost over, I have no major plans for the weekend really. Tomorrow is Bing’s 6th birthday and we have no major plans. If the weather is decent, I do plan on going out with CSE to the dollar store and to Pick N Save but that may not happen with the weather being stormy and cloudy and I will NOT take my chair out in stormy and wintry weather.

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