Good Evening,. Thoughts of the Evening, and Good Night

Good Evening

Now with evening here, glad to see Sunday come and go. Good evening!!

Thoughts of the Evening

I have enjoyed my CSE free evening. I do have to admit that I did almost call her to come down for a while but did not do so and enjoyed my day without her for once. I did have a male visitor come over for a while to drop off some books and a game called Boggle, and the NMS dropped by for a while to see how I was doing and feeling for a few minutes. She wanted to know, always wants to know actually, if I have talked to CSE yet or plan to see her at all. I did not tell NMS I was having a CSE free day today and not going to see her until Wednesday of this coming week. It is none of NMS’s business actually. What goes on in my home is no one’s business to be very honest here. Anyway, watched more Live TV – a movie and now watching some recorded TV programming on my DVR box. Watched two episodes of Night Gallery and now watching tonight’s episode of Law & Order: CI. I talked to my mom for a while and did wish my mom’s husband a happy Father’s Day through her since they were getting ready to watch a movie for the evening – mom forgot to call me so I had to call her, lol… She had a busy weekend. We talked for a few minutes and then hanging up knowing we will talk again next Sunday as Sunday is our weekly chat over the phone every week…unless Mom forgets, lol. I have been calling her lately now since Summer has begun, lol. I am so psyched in seeing LJB tomorrow instead of KH. I get a break from KH until Wednesday.

This evening I have taken up the opportunity to begin reading one of the books that I had chosen from my neighbor who brought down a bunch of books to my place before leaving the ones I do not want to the “free table” in the community room. It is a book about Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron. So far I have read 3 chapters about Ashley Tisdale and have been learning about the young actress who h. happens to be two years older than my sister KLK who is 24 years old. It is so cool that Ashley and I share the same sign – cancer – and her birthday is on July 2nd whereas mine is July 3rd. She is such a down to earth kind of gal. Loves her career and her life very much and does not act snobbish at all in real life. My kind of gal! I am a fan of hers big time. Love her to pieces as Maddie and Sharpay Evans! Way to cool!!!!

I am now watching a new episode of Law & Order: CI and then I will be heading to bed in the bedroom by 12 midnight tonight.

Good Night

I am going to say:

Good night and God bless. I will be back tomorrow sometime after my 8 am shower. Good night and God bless everyone!!

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