The Best Birthday A Girl/Woman Could Ever Have!

I do have to admit that I have had many birthdays that have been awesome and wonderful. Last year was not the greatest for me because I was in the hospital due to dehydration and spent a couple of days in the hospital. This year was, in turn, one of the best birthdays ever. I could not have asked for more actually. I went out to eat with two friends of mine at Ponderosa, ran an errand to a place called the Dollar Tree, came back home and then CSE and spent rest of the day until 11 pm. CSE and I went to Family Video down the street to get a couple of movies…Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Dreader, Cold Mountain, and Pride and Prejudice, ordered dinner to be delivered. It was an awesome day. Will tell more about it tomorrow. The 4th is going to be an awesome day as well.

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  1. cpthereturn says:

    Happy birthday (again!)

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