Anxiety Is No Fun

I do have to admit that anxiety is no fun. The past 4 to 6 weeks this time around anxiety has played a major role in my life – my world – and it was awful. I finally got relief from anxiety over the weekend after seeing a doctor who put me on a regimen of deep breathing and meditation exercises. They work. The anxiety I experienced this time around is physical and emotional pain – pain in the most unusual places this time around. It was awful. I thought I had an UTI but didn’t. The physical pain down there was awful and it would not go away even on medication. Finally, on Friday, seeing a doctor at Dr. H’s office had me do some deep breathing and meditation exercises and things began to calm down in the vaginal area almost instantly. Today, no pain whatsoever and I have been sticking to my deep breathing and meditation ever since Friday. Things have calmed down considerably and I feel better. This time having anxiety really scared me to the point of fear playing its ugly role in my world.

Author: ksmiley

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