July 24th

July 24

Thinking Of A Past Friendship That Is No More Today

Today is MEE’s birthday. I am not going to do a shout out for his birthday because we are no longer friends. I do not want any contact with MEE as well. I have known MEE even since 1992 when we met at Blackhawk Technical College. He is now engaged to a nice girl and they have a son. His relationship with this nice girl came about when he met her while in the hospital. I do disagree with the relationship because both MEE and his fiancée are both emotionally troubled, not working, and it has been rumored that he has trapped his fiancée by getting her pregnant. I have decided, whether the rumor is true or not, I stopped having communication with MEE and have our friendship remain a memory. Months before our friendship was tested and stretched out to the breaking point, MEE became suicidal, thought I was jealous of his relationship, and I decided to walk away from MEE for good. I did not feel safe with him anymore and with his suicidal tendencies/emotional troubles, anymore. I walked away from him a year ago because he chose to walk away from me.

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