My Day Today


Only worked an 1 1/2 today.

The Rest of My Day and Night

I came home and then I had CSE over for a while. I do not know exactly what time she left because I had fallen asleep, lol. I called her, after turning off a program we were both watching, and called her to find out what time she had left. I told her that I stopped the program we were watching and we will continue to watch it tomorrow since I had missed a little over half of the show, and she told me that she fallen asleep too and missed some of it as well and I was sound asleep when she left that she did not want to wake me up. I thought that was nice and then asked her when she left and she told me she had just gotten up to her place a few minutes before I called. I was in a near panic when I did not see CSE sitting in the rocker chair I have in the living room and her stuff was gone, and the show we were watching was still playing. AARRGG!! Getting fresh air more often … getting out in the fresh air knocks me out real early now-a-days. I love work and look forward to the weekends now.

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