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I do not think that texting and sending messages on Facebook is one and the same. Emailing and talking to someone on the phone is the same either. Texting… Sending messages on Facebook… Emailing and messaging someone on Facebook is the same thing either whereas other people in my life does think so. I need to communicate that to others before too long I guess.

So many more days and weeks before someone moves out of this building for good this time. Even for today I can not wait.

With today being Sunday, I surely do feel like it is not even a weekend day, lol. AARRGG!!

Why can I not have time with one certain friend without interruptions from others around us wanting her time too?! Another AARRGG!! I have lost my patience with this one friend along the way to the point that having her here is going to not be happening quite as often in the nearest future.

Is it already only going on 5 pm here? WOW!

I have been playing Cafe World on FB ALL day long now along with a few other fun games facebook has for us there. Darn FB is so very very very addictive! Yet another AARRGG!! LOL

Having a fairly rough August here, I do have to admit that this is the most I have been on FB all weekend long – all month long to be exact here. I am no longer the Facebook Queen now… hehehehehehe… Oh well.

More later…

I am still waiting to see CSE come back. She left to look in on her cat Ethan and she was talking to someone on her cell phone when she left my apartment. That is WHY I mentioned what I had mentioned earlier in the wreck of thoughts rambling through my darn head of mine! AARRGG!!!

Still more later…

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