Good Afternoon – Early Evening

My shower gal will be here at 5 pm and I am sitting here at home now watching recorded TV – Law & Order. Bing is sleeping on the back of the recliner above my head and we cuddled and snuggled for a couple of hours earlier enjoying each other’s company. I asked him if he enjoyed our time together alone without CSE here and he gave me a bunch of kisses and snuggled even closer to me in response enjoying my time with him while the TV was on. I have been watching more Live TV lately during the day as well as watching recorded TV shows and programs and have enjoyed doing so without someone here. It feels real good not having CSE here today. I sure did need time for myself lately and this one good weekend to do so since I have been feeling real good the past couple of days since I have been in and out of the hospital. I am still constantly reminded of the rough/tough summer I had this year and I am glad that my rough summer is almost over now. When I do not feel very good I hate being alone and by myself and CSE has been here all summer long a lot and now I have a break from her for the time being. This afternoon/evening has been pretty good. I napped with Bing snuggling with me in the recliner and I enjoyed my Bing Crosby time very much the past couple of days. This weekend is our time.

So good afternoon and I will be back later after my shower and supper. Good bye for now and God bless. I have to do other things right now. Bye…

More later…

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