Good Morning!

Good morning! Did not sleep in like I thought I would but that is okay. I have been up since 752 am CST this morning waking up to Penelope Pitstop cartoon on the Boomerang channel 140. Now I am up watching an episode of Haven that recorded last night. I am not going to have CSE here at all today either because I have decided to have a CSE-free weekend now that I am feeling better and having company over everyday has been fine for when I was not feeling the greatest. I am going to have to call the doctor’s office on Monday because my throat aches a little bit from time to time and it began on Tuesday when I had awakened. I wonder if I have strep throat or something. If I do have strep throat, it is the first time and I do wonder how in the world I would have caught it in the first place. For now I will hang tight at home this weekend and have my Saturday suppertime shower and have my shower gal help me, go to work on Monday – Friday this coming week and do my best at work all week long or whenever I am scheduled. Anyway, again…good morning.

More later…

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