Life Is Too Short – September 4. 2011 Thoughts

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I guess not everyone sees that life is too short now-a-days! The past couple of days I have REALLY found out who my true friends were in today’s world – my w orld – because now I am 1 friend less on Facebook as of today. Am I angry or upset that a so-called friend deleted and blocked me from their Facebook list of friends? No, I am not. However, it was August 19th when I had learned that some people can not let the past go and move on, and let the past lay where the past belongs … in the past where it definitely and always belongs. I have come across a post that brought up a very personal and private incidence – whether it is was true or not 21 years ago – and now this very personal and private incidence is there where the whole entire world can see it and find it if any person knows exactly where to go and find it. It did not have anything to do with me personally but it did, all the same, have something to do with family. Why this one person who brought up an incident that occurred or possibly rumored 21 years later is beyond me and why it was even brought up. I do not care if anyone, in my life or not, do not care about someone or a certain group of people, but the person’s or group of people’s personal and private doings DO NOT have to be broadcasted on the internet in a very public domain where others can find it and see it. WE HAVE TO BE VERY CAREFUL WHAT WE SAY ON THE INTERNET BECAUSE IT CAN HURT SOMEONE ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!

The past few days now I have found out that one person who I thought I could be friends with again is a very bitter person and on August 19th to the present day I have found myself in awe on how bitter one person can be for so many years. Life is way too short to be bitter and unforgiving of the past when it comes to being teased, picked on, and emotionally drained. In the past 21 years since I have graduated from high school and became a member of Facebook and finding many high school colleagues, friends, and adding family to my continuing growing page, I have been so happy – the happiest person – to be in contact with everyone! Some people grow up and change. I have, on a very serious note now, some high school colleagues on here who used to pick on me and give me a hard time. I have even had people come up to me say they were truly sorry for giving me such a hard time in school. Life is too short and I am one of the happiest being on this earth.

I profess to be a Christian and willing to give chances to anyone who have or had done me wrong. I have a dear, close friend on my Facebook page today I can consider my BFF today because of the fact that chances do count and are worth it. I will not say who this friend is because I care deeply and love this person very much as well as I calling her a sister today. What we went through getting to know each other is very personal and private as well so I will keep that where it belongs – private and personal – a memory. A Christian person I profess to be is also a human who makes mistakes, and will not deny it. God has gotten me this far and I will go as far as God takes me. I also have a man-friend I will always consider a dear, close, and loving friend as well. Need I have to say more? I believe that it is not necessary anyway…

As far as being bitter and unforgiving, please take the time to realize what is said online anywhere will become public knowledge for the entire world God has created for us. Yes, I do have to admit, a mistake any and every human will make, I was angry and not very happy about a post that was written by someone who I thought was a friend, but I did hold back my anger and unhappiness until I was able to confront the person – done so online – telling him how I felt about the post and how unnecessary it was to bring it up after 21 years, it came to losing him as a friend on Facebook. It is his loss and not mine. Again I know who really cares about me and why. I do have friends who will stick out their necks for me at times they find it necessary, and I have to say thank you to those friends who are behind me 100% and give me their advice and caring words. I may have lost a friend but again it is that person’s loss and not mine. Do I feel sorry for this person who is bitter? No. Why should I feel sorry for him? I will pray for him, though. Praying will NEVER cease in my world of mine.

God bless!


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