Thinking of Family AGAIN!

I wish I COULD get rid of thinking of certain family members right now but today thoughts have come and gone throughout the day… It is my eldest neice’s birthday today. I believe she is 21 years old. I am glad that family is out of my life today as the wife my brother married is abusive in her words and has clipped het kids from time to time — her eldest ended up getting the brunt of it for some reason. My brother’s wife had lied so many times that I never really knew the truth or have been told things that were later not told to me. I do not miss the family at all. They are not ever going to be crawling back to me. I am royally pissed at what they chose to do — disowning me, my AR parents, and my NM parents, and my sister. My brother and his wife have issues I guess. I have no idea … …. why!!!!!

Author: ksmiley

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