A Nice Chat

My friend SJ called me back after I left a message on his answering service this morning regarding a need of ride to an appointment – cancelled it and staying home all day. Anyway, we chatted for awhile on the phone about farm Town on Facebook – changes the creators were making to satisfy the players. I decided to get back into the game myself starting today and SJ was telling me and showing me the changes Farm Town had made in the past several weeks – I have not played Farm Town for months actually, lol. Anyway, I enjoyed chatting with SJ and now I am waiting for crops to be ready for harvest now there. I am okay with the changes but the only thing that I find frustrating is I never come close to getting close to the final level because they add new levels. That is why I have not played Farm Town for so long. Well, now that I have more time to spare and work is not happening right now, I might as well get back to Farm Town, Frontierville that is now called Pioneerville (I love the name pioneerville much better anyways) I am pretty much playing catch up now. I have not played Pioneerville lately either. Oops, lol. I have been engrossed in Cafe World lately, lol. I can not keep up with all the games anymore but I still play Farkle, Bejeweled Blitz, Cafe World A LOT lately during the day. I have been on my computer and IPod Touch a lot for so many hours a day because I have nothing else to do in my spare time and work being very low right now. I am home a lot right now.

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