Catching Up More So Now

It does not seem to be going on 330 pm CST here in good ol’ Wisconsin right now. It feels so much later than that – probably because I have been doing nothing but be on Facebook, Dear Diary, checking my emails, and playing games on Facebook ALL day long today after my shower. I do believe that today is just filled of ramblings and not being busy whatsoever because I cancelled my appointment today because of my failure to make arrangements to get a professional ride to my appointment this afternoon. After today…that will not happen again. In fact tomorrow is another day of phone calls to make arrangements for upcoming appointments and other things. I think I am catching up on things now – today of all days. My finances are in order and up-to-date as of today, I am catching up on my TV programs on my cable DVR box or deleting them as I go along the way. I believe I have made it.

Today is a rambling day for me.

Author: ksmiley

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