Earlier (Before 1025 Am)

I do have to admit that I was definitely lazy this morning but did get some sleep before EE got here and have had my shower at 8 am. She left at 915 am knowing she will be here again Thursday morning at 8 am again. Yay… Also KB will be here tomorrow and Wednesday, Friday and Saturday this week. I still do not know what is going on yet for my IDS worker for tomorrow yet or if JP will still be off work. I have not not talked to MM yet this week.

Now (After 1025 AM)

I have made the two calls that I needed and wanted to make. I did not have a ride scheduled for today’s counseling appointment so I am here at home all day relaxing and enjoying my recorded TV programming and catching up with them or deleting them as I go — repeats mostly. Now I have to call my student loan place and make arrangements for November 3rd payment.

1049 AM

I called my student loan place and got my loan payment set up for November 4th taken care of. It took a few minutes to get it taken care of but it was done TODAY! Yay!! I hope I don’t get any calls from Wells Fargo anymore this month but we shall have to wait and see. I was told by the agent I was talking to that I will/should not get anymore calls this month now but I will not hold my breath entirely, lol.

Ahh, got things accomplished this morning before noon. Yay!!!

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