I Can’t Anymore…

Nothing serious really … I just can’t do a couple of things anymore. This couple of things are as follows.

1. Be BW’s friend anymore. He is a strange man and he is sick when it comes to sex, so persistent about reminding other people that his mother had passed away last year from a heart attack, what he had posted on Facebook about the principal on high school happens to be my 2nd cousin having an affair with one of the teachers — a rumor or did it really happen is something that I don’t really know because it is not my business even though this is a family thing. With him calling lately is not acceptable either. I will not pick up the phone when he calls. I have no interest like BW’s and never did – looking back pretty far. He has changed since high school…

2. I know my outburst at CSE was inappropriate but right now I need and we should have our space from one another right now. I need to re- evaluate a few things.

Author: ksmiley

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