I did not asleep last night all! AARRGG!! I had JP come at 8 am and she did my laundry, cleaned the bathroom, and was able to leave at 915 am or so. My shower was from 915 – 945 am today because I needed to run and get my med for my UTI and get started.

The anxiety is still high in my system. AARRGG! I went to get my prescription filled but learned the computer system for Mercy was down so I left my prescription with the pharmacy and when the computers are up and running again I will get my prescription then. The computer systems got up and running again by 1pm and I got my meds delivered by 515pm and took my 1st dose of the series. I am hoping that the antibiotic – Ciprofloxin – is one of the drugs that will kill the infection because after today’s experience and my anxiety still high, I don’t know how much more bumps in the road I can handle today! I am driving myself nuts right now and I am not happy with myself. I want some sleep, too, to be very honest here.

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