My Afternoon 1

For part of my afternoon I have played Pet Hotel, Pet Shop, and did some more reading of Little Town on the Prairie, and have been “trying” to catch up on more recording TV programming on my cable DVR box. I have taken the afternoon to relax and take it easy, having had breakfast and lunch, and texting my friend JSL from time to time when she texts me. I am not in the mood really to have any company now that RK and JP have been here. I love having those two around – RK being only a substitute CNA to help with showers and dress until DB comes back to work on November 15, 2011 after a month recovering from hernia surgery. I am watching Charmed right now – my 3rd episode of some shows recorded throughout the past two weeks. I am going to take it easy and do more writing, reading, watching recorded TV shows to get caught up on them all, and playing more Pet Hotel and other games on my IPod.

More later… Good bye for now but not forever.

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