A Need Once Again

I had to go back to the ER today because I was not feeling well once again. Found out, once again, that I had an UTI again… on antibiotic again – Ciprofloxin hopefully it will take care of my boo boo. With it being a holiday – Thanksgiving – I am going to wait – if I can – until after Christmas to make an appointment with an urologist so I do not have to deal with such problems with UTI’s as often as I have this year. It is rather uncomfortable and it can be nerving. I went to the ER instead of an urgent care facility in case there was more and there was a need to be admitted and I know several ER doctors there. Today it was one of my most favorite day doctors Dr. M. He and Dr. K take real good care of me when I go there. I know that my UTI situation is not an emergency but waiting is not a problem for me whatsoever. Even today, while waiting patiently, an emergency was before me – a burn victim had come in and it was more serious. The patient walked in and they got him in before me but I did not have to wait long. A triage nurse came out to tell me they had an emergency and I told her that I saw him walk in and be rushed back to a room immediately and I understood the situation. A room would be ready shortly for me and she will come back out for me. I told the nurse that I hope that the burn victim will be okay. I feel bad for anyone who goes into the emergency room because they do not feel good one way or another. I knew I was safe and would be taken good care of when I go to the ER or doctor. The world can be unkind or even cruel to some people. I can not, after twelve hours, get the burn victim, out of my head. I hope he will be okay. I am praying for him.

With the burn victim on my mind the entire time I was in the ER room waiting for my UA and lab work to come in, I was more calm and not filled with anxiety and panicky. Fear came into my thoughts but there was a very beautiful picture – photo – in my room and I looked at it immediately and the fear dissolved into the scene I saw in the picture – the feeling of heaven and a calmness. This visit was a test of usual roller coaster ride with anxiety and panic but it was not there this time. Results came back, UTI showed up and my kidney counts once again were just fine and good. The results were happy results even I hate having UTI’s. I was able to go home and take care of things the rest of the day. Even though I was not sure how things ere going with me outside my UTI, I took a book, my cell phone charger, and a warm coat in case I needed to be admitted. Never read the book while I waited for the results and Dr. M to talk to me – just had it with me in case I was admitted for dehydration. I was prepared. Not upset but scared a little – probably because the feeling I had in my stomach due to my UTI – a symptom I get. After I got my antibiotic at the pharmacy there, I went home.

I did CSE and she helped me today because I did not want to leave Bing totally alone for a while. When I came back home, I had a cleaner home and the kitchen table was cleaned off. CSE was invited down again for a while before it got real late. I had found out from NMS that CSE was going to be alone for Thanksgiving so I invited down for the day. I am not going anywhere this year for the holiday so I will be alone as well. I am going to watch the parade on TV even though it is not the same as being there in person and I went to the Thanksgiving Day parade a few years ago while visiting family in PA that year. I will still not be inviting CSE down here all the time just to keep myself comfortable and safe. I did not know who else would take care of Bing in case I was admitted into the hospital and CSE is good to Bing and CD is heading to her family out of town for the holiday.

More tomorrow. I can not keep my eyes open anymore tonight. It sis after 10 lm now and CSE has left a while ago, and it looks like I am going to get some sleep tonight after not having any last night – body was in pain. ‘Yawn’ Good night and God bless.

More tomorrow.

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