Deletion of Entry #1 and Some Thought of My Morning

I wanted to delete the 1st entry of the day this morning and start fresh later. Something about my 1st entry did not settle right in my head and stomach. I hate to delete an entry a few minutes or the day of writing it but I needed and wanted to delete the first entry of the day and start over later. Anyway, all is fine in my household. I have had my shower and got dressed and now comfortable. DB was here from 8 to 915 am and now the rest of the day is all mine and Bing’s the rest of the day and I do not expect any company at all anymore today or care to have any company today. I am emotionally okay today on the outside but on the inside I am yet checking it often because I am still feeling the after affects of the Thanksgiving holiday in my mind and body – worse so in my mind – still upset that the day did not go well at all and now wish that I had spent the day alone and considered Thanksgiving Day a normal day not a holiday. Anyway, I am okay today for the most part. I am watching some recorded TV shows on my cable’s DVR box and being online on Facebook. I do not know what Bing is up to at the moment but he is in the apartment some place. Right now I am semi bored but that is not an everyday thing anymore thankfully. I am playing my IPod games, watching TV, reading, and writing, and enjoying my space and time alone. I can be sociable but rather be left alone for the most part and do things on spur of the moment. I do not mind shopping but it is not a total favorite of mine – as a child I did not like to go shopping for clothes – and today shopping is not too bad if I really have to go. I love shopping at Wal-mart most of the time if I went shopping – groceries and other items all in one place most of the time. I used to hate shopping but now it is not so bad. Anyway, I am getting off track here anyway, lol. More later… Good bye for now. Later…

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