My Day

My day consisted pretty much of nothing, lol. I did some reading of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – 2 chapters at least, been playing my IPod games, doing some writing (have yet to begin writing my book), and just lazed about. Both Bing and I lazed about the apartment – bedroom and living room. It was too cold for me and my power chair to go anywhere today so we stayed home. I even got dressed for the day – feeling good emotionally again. The Thanksgiving holiday is finally over and I have recovered from my Thanksgiving Day disaster slowly but finally got there. I rarely watch Live TV but have done so today for part of my afternoon – since I discovered Channel 967 METV this past Sunday and enjoying the classic TV programming there ever since. Tomorrow morning I will go grocery shopping with my worker from IDS and then the rest of the day to 730 pm is all mine. I am not feeling total exhaustion I felt from Thanksgiving Day through to yesterday night. Today starts a new day, a new month, hopefully better entries of thought. The past 11 months have been a up and down and circular roller coaster ride that has some loopy loops involved most of the time. I cannot wait for this month to play out a little more. I hope December proves to be better than February, September, October, and November. I have to have some evenness here now and today is a good start.

If I do not get too busy with my not so busy day this evening, I will be back. I have to run now and get some supper and see what the TV world is doing right now. Gotta go. Later…

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