Late As Usual and Her Excuse Is …

She is going to be late again … as usual … disappointed and hurt indeed once again. I texted her and asked her if she was coming and her excuse was that her alarm did not go off this morning as planned, and she was just going to hop in the shower, take care of a neighbor’s cat and then come down. Well… that was an hour ago when I had texted her and now she is going to be more late than Thanksgiving Day! How rude and nuts this really is. I am planning on uninviting her now – why bother – she can take her stupid weekend and spend it alone or with other friends who pity her or do not care what she does when I know there are two people in CSE’s life who are constantly hurt and bothered by her lateness and excuses over and over again. She needs to get help! I called NMS, of all days, and told her what has happened and she told me that we need to get together with CSE and have a very seriious talk with her at the beginning of the year. I am sick and tired of CSE’s behavior and so is NMS and we are going to finally talk to CSE about how we feel about her attitude, her lateness, her lies, and other faults that only true friends will point out behind closed doors. After we talk to her, whenever that will be now, I am done playing her damn games and if she does not change, she is completely out of my life for good. I am NOT putting up with her anymore after this – this time for darn sure. CSE needs major help and we are going to tell her that whether she likes it or not.

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