Frustrated To the Max

What does it take for doctors to listen to the patient closely and do what they are asked. I was not feeling the greatest on Tuesday, Wednesday, or today. I talked to my doctor’s nurse who communicated fast with my doctor during the day and got back to me – that is not what am frustrated about. I do not get frustrated with those professionals … with Mercy I am frustrated with as far as the ER at how they made me feel. I felt they did not listen or even do what I requested before coming to an observation and sending me stating I had a major anxiety attack … with Adavan (sp?) in my system and telling me to follow up with my doctor and my counselor. I knew that I was having a panic attack! The discomfort in a couple places were real and the area by my belly button was feeling like prickling needles doused in flames and I asked the doctor to visually look at the are to see if my hernia was being problematic right now or a muscle has been indeed pulled. The doctor did not even do that. AARRGG! Once St. Mary’s is open for emergency care and it opens, I will be going there from now on and Mercy will be a memory.

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