Diary Entry Gone….

When I went to delete an entry that appeared twice in my Dear Diary spot, I deleted the second one and still saw two – double – entries of the good morning, found myself with no entry after all. Oops! Diary entry is gone so here I am writing a new one once more – oops. I had stated that I had my shower and was ready for my day by 11 am when I had my 1030 am shower. RK is my sub for DB who had gall bladder surgery yesterday morning. Not sure if she was discharged today or not – can’t call to find out. Her phone number changed yet again and I will not see her for a while – on medical leave right now. That is why I had RK come yesterday and today, and will be here again tomorrow morning. I have my shower at 9 am tomorrow. Yay! RK may be here next Tuesday through Thursday again – DB might be back after that… I hope. Now I can say that my diary entry is no longer gone. More later…

Author: ksmiley

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