My Last Entry of the Night

I am heading to bed here in a little while. The rest of my evening consisted of watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 7.2 for the upteenth time, lol. I can not seem to get enough of the Harry Potter series – books or movies. I have been reading off and on throughout the day and evening. Finished reading the chapter titled The Silver Doe where Ronald Weasley returns back to Harry and Hermione. Ron just saved Harry’s life after Harry dove into a small pool of water – frozen and the area full of snow retrieving the sword of Griffendor. Hermione not too happy that Ron has returned the way he did apologizing the way he did but all is good. I will read the next chapter about Luna Lovegood’s strange but nice father. Xenophilius Lovegood. Yes. I am reading the 7th book again. The book is almost read halfway. Anyway, I called CSE to see if she wanted to come down to get online for a while so I ended up having company over for a while and now I am seriously thinking about heading to bed here shortly. I watched some Investigative Discoveries – channel 146, and now watching Ghost Hunters that was recorded at 9 pm. I am doing my very best at catching up on my recorded TV shows but ever since I have been in the hospital and back home, I have been watching Live TV as well – a new thing since the 1st of the year. I am going to have to watch Ghost Hunters again tomorrow because I have not really paid any attention to the show at all – nose in my Harry Potter book again this evening, and being online off and on all day and evening. It will be 11 pm very soon. I am feeling real good again and no nap was needed today – was not too tired so I was able to keep myself busy watching movies and TV. Letting a lot of recorded TV shows do their thing most of the day today. Watched a lot of TV today!

Tomorrow RK will be here to help with my showering at 9 am and I am looking forward to my shower now, too. Gotta keep myself clean as much as possible.

More tomorrow. Good night and God bless! Have a great night.

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