Good Morning & Happy Valentine’s Day, Dear Diary Is Running Slow, Plans Today

Good Morning

I would like to say good morning. I had a little nap between 4 am – 7 am and awakened for my day at 7 am this morning.  It is going to be a busy morning.

Happy Valentine’s Day

I would like to wish my Dear Diary friends and readers a Happy Valentine’s Day.  I cannot believe that the month is now half over and today is Valentine’s Day already.  I hope everyone has a good day today with their loved ones and family and please have a safe day,  I have no major plans today with anyone outside my shower, the nurse coming, laundry, and cleaning.

Dear Diary Is Running Slow

It seems that Dear Diary is running slow at my end for some reason and it has been doing so for the past couple of days. No big deal or anything really,  Just noticed it has been running slowly lately,  Probably has nothing to do with anything too major,  At least it is running.  It just takes a little longer for my posts to go through once I send them when I hit the submit button.  It can be frustrating.

Plans Today

JP can not make it today so they are going to send over KP instead.  We are going to clean and do laundry, and that will be it for my Tuesday.  RK and KE will be here this morning as well – shower and gathering information for my 60 day evaluation the state has Rescare do.  It’s Valentine’s Day today but no major plans.  I am going to go for a small walk today though.  I do not want to get any more heavier than I am now.  I feel gross in that department – seriously – and I do not want to hear it from my dad anymore about my weight either.  No major Valentine’s Day plans today – another day at home with four people and a cat this morning,

More later…

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    1. Ksmiley, KK, K:), smiles. There are days I do not feel so bright but I go through my days the best I can at all times.

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