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I thought I would come here now and say a quick hello a good night early because I really need to concentrate on my reading right now. I am pretty much written out my life for Thursday, March 8, 2012. I have gotten my needed phone call from my kidney coordinator, JS, a little bit ago regarding a generated letter that I received in error and JS said they, Madison, does not have a problem with me getting my labs drawn, seen by a doctor, or warranting any health concerns from my end at all. JS would never have a problem refilling my needed prescription medications for my kidney transplant of almost 24 years whatsoever when theJan letter stated they would not fill any prescriptions until I saw my doctor and or had my labs drawn. Even JS made sure to tell me that she got my message from last week regarding getting my monthly labs drawn here in Janesville, Wisconsin at the clinic I now go to after Dr. H has left and I have not returned – new doctor – new clinic. That was all taken care of. I even talked to the worker at the Job Center regarding my MA/Food Stamp review this afternoon after the lunch hour. I had gotten my walk regimen in and I even talked to NMS a little while ago about some happy news for a new kidney transplant patient who has been awaiting a new kidney – cadaver of course – soon to come in. My kidney coordinator is on call tonight – organ call they call it. How exciting. I think that is what I heard this evening. I wish the very best for this new patient this very moment in my own little life. I even called my favorite middle school teacher a while ago and we chatted for a while before she had to go and finish getting dinner ready for the evening for her and her husband. All seems well in the front lines tonight. Now, not totally sure yet, but I am expecting company around 7 pm tonight. I really do not trust CSE anymore and she NEEDS to develop her trust again with me big time, but she is going to be company tonight. Sometimes, most of the time, I know when she is trying to get online upstairs because I cannot get online down here and I asked her to come down and use the internet here on her computer so there is no connection problems for me tonight. I told her that it can be very frustrating if I am in the middle of something and all of a sudden I cannot get online to finish what I am trying to do – failing. I hate failure and failing. I want success in life – failure does not exist in my world anymore. I hope to God she shows up tonight. I still believe her excuse yesterday that her darn caen t was being problematic was a very lame excuse and she could have yet come down and helped me through the damn night. She can be so damn selfish even though she did say she came down to let me know – I did not ever hear a darn knock on my door and I do not believe she even knocked at my door while I was gone Monday. I was here ALL day Tuesday and she said she knocked at my door. No she did not! I believe she lied to me big time again. Trust is a big issue with me and she is going to have to build her trust again – entirely. I do not think I will ever trust her anymore anyways. She has burned too many darn bridges with me.

Well I guess “A Quickie” is the wrong title for this entry, hmmm? I believe so. Not funny but true in the mostest. Well good night and God bless all of my Dear Diary friends. Have a great night. I am off to do other important things such as read and take care of my emotional needs before company, if company, arrives at 7 pm as planned. Ahhh, gotta run and play Scrabble and Words With Friends. Good bye for now.

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