A Relaxing Day Today

I have had my shower at 9 to 10:15 am.  All is good today,  Going to relax all day and watch TV, read if I can, and be on Facebook.  I invited CSE down to my apartment for a while this evening and she left around 11 pm.  I did not do much except walk around my apartment, snuggle and cuddle with Bing Crosby kitty, talked to my mom for a few minutes tonight, and my dad a few minutes earlier today.  It has been a relaxing day.  Watched a couple of Nora Roberts’ made for TV movies, Whisper, Wi Lthin, and a little bit of Live TV.  I did not need a nap but I wanted company for a while so CSE came down upon invitation since now my weekend, after tomorrow’s lunch with my dad will be busy,  Planning on going to church on Saturday and Sunday this weekend.  I will have to call my ride for Sunday. Learned that JSL and her husband will not be going this weekend.  I will see them one day yet.

More later…

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