No Longer My Problem … Thank Goodness!

I have written an entry on April 12th, and ever since that day, I have not heard from LS at all.  I saw her, while looking out the living room window, leaving with the man she says she loves dearly – abusive man.  If she she stayed with A, who is not an abusive man, I believe that she would have been much happier. I do not like the man LS is with now.  Oh well – LS decided not to be a “friend” anymore a few days ago and I had talked/texted my friend JSL about it, and we have come up with the fact that LS will be LS.  I am no longer going to talk to LS.  I have a feeling she will just ignore me anytime we run into each other in public areas of the building anyway.  As long as her so-called relationship continues with this gentleman, I will have no communication with her.  If she wants to be in an abusive relationship, it is her choice and her doing.  The man is an idiot anyway, lol.  LS is no longer my problem … thank goodness!

What brought me to thinking about LS today is the fact that I saw her leave to go with the neighbor who is abusive and mean to her behind her back, and I have heard heard him say some very awful things to LS to her face and behind her back. I quit going to lunch and dinner with them when I had found myself in an uncomfortable position being in the middle of their relationship, and also going to lunches to the Salvation Army had become a problem for me because I had gotten sick a couple of times because other people would go to lunch sick themselves.  Before LS and I stopped talking to one another a few days ago, she had told me that she had gotten sick because someone else we both know was sick and passed it on to others while she continued to go to lunch while sick.  This person passed bronchitis to LS and the neighbor, the man she loves, and a few others.

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