Well, there are some changes that are happening.  YE does not work for Rescare anymore so she is no longer my shower gal.  So she will be missed.  Bing will no longer get his Monday morning massages.  I was to meet a new gal at 845 am this morning but she never showed up so I called Rescare and the girl I spoke to will see what happened.  I am having my shower at 1 pm to 215 pm today and KB, my Friday evening and Saturday afternoon shower gal will be here.

RK is going to have a couple of days off this week.  I was told I will see her tomorrow but I am not sure.  I have a substitute shower gal on Wednesday and Thursday.  I am still not too sure how things are going this week but I am going to make the best of it.

This week is going to be somewhat different and a little confusing.  On top of it all, I have “Aunt Flo” visiting this week, lol, so my emotions and body is kind of out of sorts right now.  Otherwise I am doing okay today.

I have not been writing for a while because I have been very busy doing Bible study and Bible reading, and so this is the first time in a while i have taken the time to write here. Even though I have not written for several days – since the July 12th – I do think of my Dear Diary friends and family I care deeply about.  I am not sure when I will write again but I will always come back here.

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