Today Was Okay


I am not going to deny it at all whatsoever – ever – but today was a kind of a strange day. I have dealt with some anxiety and depression over the weekend due to a lot of things going on around my life these days. I will be okay, though. Today I thought it was Tuesday for a few seconds as well as the next day was going to be Wednesday. I have had a couple of Wednesdays now that have been super duper busy which makes my days a little longer and satisfying. With Winter coming, I can feel the chilly moments as well as the cold coming in through my bones and slight aches and pains. It may seem odd bit it’s true.


I know I have had some anxiety and depression this weekend because I wanted to lay in bed longer and not worry about getting up. That is what is happening now we are going to be having shorter days. CSE is here now and things are better and we are watching Dwitched at Birth episodes we have misssed to catch up to tonight’s episode. We finally got through them all. I will be okay as this will pass.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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