My Busiest Day of My Life

Here we are again, on a Wednesday, busier than ever.  I have an appointment at 145 and another between 330 and 4, and then off I go to my Weight Watchers weigh-in and meeting at 5 to 6.  I am super duper busy today.  I am even a little early for my one appointment so I am on the computer in the BTC room they have at the Job Center right now.  I am feeling okay but I surely thought that Satan was going to win the fight but I won the fight and made it.

I even failed to mention that I had my shower at 1030 to 1145, JE coming over at 1030 to start my laundry and get some chicken cooked for some meals I am so looking forward to, switched my laundry and then left and came back at 12 noon and then vacuumed and put cooked food away, and then left to come back later to pick me up for my appointments at the Job Center.

I do have to admit that my day is full up to later this evening, and I am getting out on such a beautiful day today.  It is nice out and the weather is definitely beautiful.  Got some sunshine for a while.  With the days growing shorter and sundown being earlier, I am already looking forward to Spring again but right now I have to take it step by step, one step at a time,

More later…

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