My Weekend Update & My Day Today

My weekend did finally make, and I was super duper busy Saturday and Sunday.  I can not tell you how happy I was to have seen the weekend finally arrive and things were happening and my weekend was filled with things I love doing on a daily basis.  I went to church Saturday and Sunday.  I even had lunch with friends on Saturday.  My shower gal was sick on Saturday but the company was able to find someone to help me Saturday afternoon at 330 pm to 430 pm.  I did not have company over Sunday night at all.  I took, what CSE calls it “a break”.  It was an awesome weekend!  Now, it is Monday and it is back to “work” for me and I do not have a horribly busy week this week.  I have my shower at 1130 am this morning.  My shower gal is feeling better and is back to work today.  I have no major plans today but I do have a semi-busy week this week.

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