No Matter What Happened This Election Term

I do have to admit one thing… Facebook is one place where many of my friends have voiced their opinions on who would be the best President.  So many wanted Obama out of office and Romney in.  Both parties were bashing and slashing one another saying the worst things so we would be swayed to vote for one and not the other.  It has been one tough election and very stressful for many of my friends on Facebook and myself.  It was pretty awful and stressing.  I do not even know how many tears I have shed because we were fighting among one another and all of us are absolutely close and dear friends.  During this last election term, friends were tested to be either true or not true friends.  I have written a couple of notes on my feelings about all that was going on during the several weeks of ads, commercials, and posts that were put on Facebook.  Anyway. matter what happened this election term, no one is going to be really and truly happy who the President is.  People voted for Obama to stay in office and people who did not want Obama still in office voted for Romney.  I have made my decision on what I was going to do this election term and stuck to my decision wholeheartedly.  I have dealt with stress, some anxiety, and had a little panic at the time during the ads, commercials, and backbiting was going on.  I was embarrassed and confused quite a bit and had to talk to my supporters of my emotional health several times about it.  I just could not stand seeing such slashing and bashing going on.

With that said, today, I do have to admit that I am who I am for a reason.  I have to hold tight to what is important and necessary for me.

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