My Day Today

I do have to admit that my day has been good and definitely okay.  I did get to see KP for a few minutes today but we did not do any organizing as planned because she needed to get to the clinic to have her eye checked out. I felt pretty bad about her eye.  She called me later to let me know that her cornea was scratched.  OUCH!  We plan on getting together next Thursday and go shopping for a curtain and curtain rod for my front closet by the apartment door.  As for the rest of my day, I lollygagged all day long watching TV and played games on Facebook, and now I trampsed into my bedroom for the rest of the night to relax and get online some more, do some Bible study, and do some more writing.  I have really lapsed in my diary writing this month!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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