Today, Yesterday,Tomorrow, & Keeping Up With Certain Things

Today is going to be a fairly busy day for me.  Today, and not sure if it is going to be an every Wednesday thing yet, I will be seeing KP from 3 pm to 615 p.  She is coming over to organize and then take me to Weight Watchers and back home again.

Yesterday was one of those days I had an emotional day.  It just drove me crazy and I was not in the mood to be funny, silly, or things not going smoothly. I was a little upset and not a happy camper most of the day.  I just felt that a lot of things were going wrong and those who were here noticed I was having one of my emotional days.  I hate having emotional days because I can be a bear and I hate being around people even though I can still be civilized, kind, and love those I care deeply about.

Tomorrow, because Friday is going to be a busy day for my other worker NZ, I am going grocery shopping after my shower at 1015 am, and we are going to do laundry as   well I believe.  I am in need to get back on track but so far so good.

I have not been keeping up with my devotions for women since the 9th so I am a tad bit behind with that now.  That is not making me a happy camper right now either but after I get back from Weight Watchers tonight, I am going to get caught up slowly but surely.  What does not make my days go smoothly is allowing God in it first thing in the morning and evening before going to bed at night,  I have been watching too much TV again lately!

My life does not always have ripen cherries all day long.  I did have a couple of friends on Facebook bring my spirits up and make me smile yesterday and today.  The sun is shining outdoors today, and the sun is back inside of my life as well.

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