One of Many Wishes

I just wish that people would just get along and respect each other’s space and time these days.  Unfortunately, it is only a wish because it will not always happen.  This is where you find out who your friends are and who your true friends really, I guess.  I am too busy to be bothered by certain people who do not have the time for me as I know who my true friends are.  I am NOT going to stop writing in my diary, that can be found online for no one but for myself.  If I want to get upset over a comment someone wrote, I will get upset.  I am growing emotionally and what I have dealt with emotionally is the reason why I am growing emotionally.  I am NOT a perfect human being so my feelings will sometimes get hurt and I may not like someone for some reason or another,

There are some real good idiots out there in the world and I do not have time for idiots.  All I can do for some people is pray for them and I will pray all the idiots out there in today’s world.  That is my goal in life.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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