TELEMARKETERS CAN BE ANNOYANCES.  I DO NOT LIKE THEM VERY WELL EITHER.  For the past few days I have been getting a call from one specific number that does not have anyone on the other end once I pick up the phone and as soon as I pick up the phone I hear a click telling me that the number has hung up.  I DO NOT LIKE TELEMARKETERS THAT CALL A BUNCH OF NUMBERS AT ONE TIME AND WAIT FOR SOMEONE TO PICK UP AND HANG UP ON YOU.  I HAD MY FILL OF TELEMARKETERS AND I AM ON THE DO NOT CALL LIST.

I have said what I needed to say and I am not a very happy camper.  I am taking care of this one number that keeps calling me on Monday.  I have other important things to do and take care of that DOES NOT INCLUDE TELEMARKETING CALLERS!  I am not an idiot here.  TELEMARKETERS ARE THE IDIOTS.  That is why I never answer the phone to numbers I do not recognize or callers who have blocked their numbers.

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