Was Worried

I do have to admit that I was really worried yesterday that I might have an urinary tract infection once again and decided to get my labs drawn for the month since I did not have them done for two months.  I was worried because I have had the symptoms of an urinary tract infection and can get them off and on throughout the year.  I got my labs back and talked to my coordinator up in Madison and she told me that my blood counts that have come in were perfect/fine and my urinary analysis was clean so I do not have anything going on in that direction of life.  After talking to my coordinator, it helped.  After 430 pm, my  coordinator’s assistant called and told me that my results for my kidney  creatnine and that  was perfectly fine.  I began to calm down bodily and emotionally, and now I am beginning to feel tired and worn out as if I have been on an anxiety rush.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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