Memorial Day Is Relaxation Day

Happy Memorial Day to everyone!  I am grateful and thankful for the Vets and soldiers of today fighting for our country to keep our country free.  My heart goes out to those who have lost veterans in the war so many years ago because they chose to fight for our country and perished along the way.  Thank you for your service and God bless all who are serving today.

Memorial Day here is cloudy and kind of warm. It feels warm in my apartment anyway.  This day brings on the Murder, She Wrote Marathon on HALMV (Ch. 161).  I am taking the time to watch some of the shows.  Because of the weather being cloudy and rain on its way to good ol’ Wisconsin, I have been napping off and on until now.  I am not having company over and if I do have company over, it will be for a short time while my friend from the apartment above me comes down to get something she needs to borrow from me for the night.  She won’t stay long because she has two dogs in her care right now.

As for my day, I plan to go to bed at 10 pm, listen to music until 11 pm and go to sleep.  It’s time for me to go for the night.  I will be back sometime tomorrow.  Oh yeah, I forgot I am reading a book titled “A Boy Called “It”” by David Pelzer and there is no dry eye here.  Am I going to be able to read the book through?  I do not know.  We shall wait and see.  I know this is not a book to read close to the evening hours of sleep.

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